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Frequently Asked Questions

Why regular visit to dentists is necessary?

The best way to start a communication is smile, which spreads the happiness wherever we go. A dentist job is to protect our smile with healthy gums and teeth. Regular dentist visit is necessary in many ways, we should visit dentist every alternate month and do scaling at least once in six months and clean the plaque to avoid any problems in teeth.


Wisdom tooth removal is painful?

Depending upon the patients teeth and gums it can take few minutes to 15 mins or more in the process of wisdom tooteh removal. And with the best hands and all the latest technologies the process is almost painless these days.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment also known as endodontic treatment, the purpose of root canal treatment is to clean the root canal system and repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth as possible, seal the system to prevent re-infection and allow healing to take place. This procedure must be done without compromising the long-term function of the tooth.