Eaton 16244 Rear Differential for a 1986 GMC C7000. 0 '$ endstream endobj 590 0 obj <>stream 2010-07-16T15:17:07.000-04:00 Then you check around the differential properly. When you cant afford a vehicle thats worth a million bucks, then the least you can do is make it look like one. )4yN!m|adV@ rc?KQ 2018-09-17T12:30:27.441-04:00 AXLE IDENTIFICATION denny graham how-to photo's This information should be helpful to those that are looking for the eatons. Serial Number (Digits) Can't find your axle label? endobj Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. uuid:8d6ac2ea-c1c3-40b3-a974-6c5799e65323 [], Yea, maybe instead of having just GM 10-bolt on the list, you should have GM 7.5-inch 10-bolt and GM 8.5-inch 10-bolt.. Product ID: 437679 Proposition 65: N. . First, you need to jack for up both rear wheels of your vehicle from the ground. %PDF-1.5 % Thank you for sharing this information with usIm sure it will help many street rodders identify what is between them and the road! 18 Meritor Axle Identification 19 Meritor RT Series Quick Reference Guide | 1 140/145 SERIES MAJOR KITS APPLICATION PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION ADDITIONAL INFORMATION MPS3345145 Input shaft upgrade pump RT40145GP MPS3345145 Input shaft upgrade no pump RT40140G KIT2396 Pinion spacer kit All forward carriers KIT2322 Pinion spacer kit All rear carriers <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> Detroit Truetrac differentials are a helical gear style limited-slip differential. Step 2: Check the Outside of Differential Properly Then you check around the differential properly. We Sell New And Used Axle Drive Train Parts. What should I do? Specification number assigned to the axle built by Spicer. A socket will not fit. These tags have a wealth of information about your specific vehicles equipment and specifications. While the current requirements of the differentials range from 5-10 amps, Yes, the ELocker wiring harness is universal to fit any vehicleand can be purchased separately from one of our distributors. Find Eaton's full differential offering here. $895 USD. The axle code, if on the differential, is comprised of one or two letters for 1964-'70 models, followed by a three-digit build date. Text our customer service team or email our team at for any additional service questions or concerns. 2010-07-15T14:57:54.000-04:00 2010-07-16T15:17:07.000-04:00 Then follow these steps and these steps to help you identify whether your g80 differential lock system is working properly or not. Rear End. Buy your differential at a warehouse discount price. For instance, you might see 5561-1 for the BOM, but the 60 has been dropped, and one would need to use 605561-1. You can find a list of the part kits in our Eaton Performance Differential Applications Guide. Find your Ford vehicle in the chart below and click on the illustration for a larger view. endobj Study up on rear axles with this infographic made by OnAllCylinders contributorLori Sams. Spicer Differential Pinion Gear Thrust Washer. endobj Corel PDF Engine Version Accurate Differential Identification is the first and most important step in your differential repair, upgrade or overhaul project. We stock any Eaton parts your shop may need to rebuild new or used rear end units such as gearing, cases, seals, gaskets, Axle and bearing kits specifically for on highway, off highway, industrial, agricultural, construction, mining and logging. It doesnt have a cover maybe thats why they dont show it. We look forward to serving you! All Eaton ELockers include a relay in the wire harness which should be used. Charts 2 . I love your products. 25 0 obj The great thing is that currently, a variety of other vehicle models, including Yukon XL and Suburban, Canyon and Chevy Colorado, Tahoe and Yukon, Sierra and Silverado, Escalade, and many more, offer the G80 locker option. h_4CKL-"t:wi CB;fWW(00yX=BS_BD=OJJ6t~F^9d3 >e+zF;-sz0 0K-g endstream endobj 695 0 obj <>stream Then again, grab a rear wheel, turn slow and kick back suddenly; If you can see that another rear wheel is again running in the opposite direction. From a high-levelsystem view, the units are constructed similarly, Detroit Truetrac is designed to handle more torque (power) than the axle shafts it drives. First, lift the two back wheels of the vehicles from the ground with the help of a jack as in our previous process. Top left side of pumpkin, stamped in "JV1167C2" Top of pumpkin flange, between 2 bolts, "X" Sort By: Quick view Compare . Cant find your axle label? During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. Call your Eaton differential expert today. I cant find my vehicle in your differential selector. What year was it manufactured? What is the difference between a traditional Detroit Locker / NoSPIN and the Soft Locker style? 6.50 ratio. We believe that our exceptional customer service and product knowledge is what sets us apart from the competition. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. . Do you have replacement parts for Eaton differentials? Friction is an important concern for trucks, pickups, heavy-duty goods carrying vehicles. The axle code, if on the differential, is comprised of one . Condition. In General Motors' case, the Eaton G80 automatic locking rear axle is the name of the game for the Colorado and Silverado model lineup. On some tags, the first 2 digits dont appear on the tag, but they must be used to identify the axle. Wait, you dont have to, Read More What Causes Silverado Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuations?Continue, Bringing variations to your vehicle makes you move in the same wave of the current generation. Axle model identification 3. I wont complain about not showing the Olds 12-bolt, though. }I1GRP 8F5`d*SDN$I$y/>&QyaeTHLD'|bjQLRD;O);,^f'v L z=WVGo"Z2M1^o We are guided by our commitment to do business right, to operate sustainably and to help our customers manage power today and well into the future. $424.33. We recommend validating your selection with an Eaton representative or your retailer/installer before buying. From 1972 until May 1978, DS340 and DS380 tandems were built with 2-Speed differential carriers. Buyer pays return shipping charges. Your email address will not be published. For other variables refer to the exploded view on page 5. See the Spicer Axle Identification information. Later BOMs may start with the first 3 digits of 200, but these are typically not dropped from the tag. We're trying to identify the front axle. Dana 44 Front and Rear End Dana 44 Positraction Units. The "S" meaning: single rear axle. I need to install new universal joints, but need to know the year of the differentials manufacture. While the design of the locking components varies between, Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose vehicle concerns. To help you identify the 8.2-inch housing, remember that it may have an irregular-shaped cover or a round cover, but it does not have lugs as on the 8.5-inch. The rear appears to be an Eaton HO52 but can?t find anything on it, may be looking in the wrong places. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> GM pickups still use the G80 locker on most models of truck SUVs. With the right auto wax and polish, your car can achieve that professional-looking finish at the comfort of your own home. The axle models contained in this manual are of common design. 8.5 Traditional BOMs are 6 digits followed by 1 or 2 digits and start with the numbers 60 or 61. We are guided by our commitment to do business right, to operate . There are three main types of service kits available to rebuild your Posi differential: internal spider and axle gear kits, clutch kits, and preload. We are available to help Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, and most orders placed by 4 PM ship out the SAME DAY! The Truetrac is a helical gearlimited slip differential, not a locker. No returns for partial items will be accepted. What is a Locking Differential? It is not specifically mentioned anywhere what speed G80 rear end unlock. Search within the document by clicking on the Magnifying Glass at the top, or by simply using Control-F and re-entering the BOM number. Military Jeep, Cherokee/Comanche, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Civilian Jeep, Pickup Truck, Wrangler, Cherokee, Comanche, Grand Cherokee. Apr 5, 2009. Not sure what the part you need is called?, (LIT-121-00) Heavy Duty Catalog, 22.5-27.5K. AXLE HOUSING FRONT REAR EATON SPICER DS404 W/ DIFF RATIO 3.70 PN:HN01580793. Its a handy skill to have for sure especially when youre scouring a junkyard for a replacement axle or evaluating a potential project vehicle. Where do you make your parts (differentials, transmissions, clutches, etc.)? If it has 30 splines or less, then it's a Dana 60 axle. Privacy, cookies & data protection policy. We sometimes have stickers and other promotional items at events, Yes, both the clutch disks and the preload springs can be altered for extreme off-road and drag racing applications. Need your help please. The Eaton G80 locker is also known as the Gov-Loc, a true automatic differential locker; it has been included in all GM trucks, SUVs for decades. endobj To help you find the right part, we first need to properly identify the axle you have or need. So in the case of investment, you have to choose considering performance, features and costing. TheDetroit Lockerdoes not require any special break-in process. I have a rear axle out of a 1970 Chevy camper special, I was told its a 3/4 ton truck? the difference between them is brake sizes. This information will help to locate information in this book and to identify the correct parts for servicing. 120750 Genuine Eaton Spicer Two Speed Electric Shift Motor Unit 2 Bolt Mount. It was a must for me to know the issue and, Read More How To Make Your Car UntowableContinue, While driving your Silverado, suddenly saw that your Silverado oil pressure gauge fluctuations and was not working properly? Hi I have these numbers stamped on my GM 12 bolt, its got 3.07 gears any idea what ages its off?? 44 0 obj Carrier assembly serial number assigned by the manufacturing plant 6. It looks similar to a Ford 9" (has the removable front . Your nine-digit axle serial number is etched into the axle tube near the center on the rear side. Soft Locker versions of the Eaton Detroit Locker or NoSPIN products were introduced in the market several years ago, but not on all models. A "rear end" is a common term used by truck drivers and mechanics to mean a rear axle and differential. Eaton is an intelligent power management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for people everywhere. 8 and 9 look alike. Image is a representation of this item. Please send returns to Ventures Truck Parts & Equipment 2895 Pennsylvania Ave. Ogden, UT 84401. But with an unmodified locker, you cant rotate both tires more than 25mph at the same time. No biggie right, well there happens to be 3 plugs in it. Create Estimate. Returns will be accepted within 30 days of purchase. Then grab a wheel; first, you have to turn the wheel a little speed and kick back immediately; that is, you have to do sudden acceleration. Locating your axle label will help ensure that you identify your axle correctly. Assuming a non-posi diff . Any user agrees to indemnify and hold Dexter harmless from any and all claims, actions, or other proceedings (including attorney fees and court costs) arising out of the use of the website. endobj From Bill: (Longbox55): There will be a code stamped on the front face of the carrier. In this guide, our team tried to explain completely; how the G80 locking differential works, how to identify G80 differential and many more information about the G80 differential. What Causes Silverado Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuations? Nev-R-Adjust Callout 6. Only show this user. 6LJmSa60qYtIqt6]ESkz{:d+_b&'6zXIHKB Y*50p.a)\pA-dNKVV` wrS|X/ The material provided by Dexter is intended for informational purposes only. Axle Shaft Bearings Brake and Wheel Bushings Chassis Parts Differential Differential Carriers Differential Pinion Gear Differential Ring and Pinion Differential Side Gear Differential Spider Disc Brake Pad, Caliper, Rotor Kit Drive Axle Gaskets Hardware Helical Gears Reman Units Sealant and Adhesives Seals Shims and Spacers Sliding Clutch Gears
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