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Orthodontics is nothing less than a magical treatment for teeth correction that literally transforms your personality. It is correction of irregular and forwardly placed teeth. Crooked teeth or forwardly placed teeth become a source of social embarrassment for anyone, People are unable to smile for the fear of being noticed by others. Self confidence of the person takes a beating and individual ends up with low self esteem. Another important problem with crooked teeth is that they make cleaning of teeth difficult. As a result, patient develops cavities and gum diseases frequently and ends up in losing teeth at much earlier age.
Orthodontist is the dentist specializing in application of dental braces. Orthodontic treatment helps improve your facial appearance as it brings teeth, lips, and the entire face into proportion.
CROWNS & BRIDGES are fixed prosthetic devices that are bonded or cemented on to the existing teeth or implant and function exactly like your natural teeth.

You need an Orthodontist if

Protruding anterior teeth
Malocclusion(crooked, crowded teeth, which do not fit together properly)
crowding of teeth
spacing between teeth
extra or missing teeth
other irregularities of the jaws and face

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